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Here at Palmetto Chem-Dry, we love our pets. Their hopeful happy attitude brighten our lives! However, they also make it a bit dirtier sometimes. So, what can we, as pet owners, do to maintain a clean home while living with our pets? Below are the most helpful tips we’ve found for keeping a healthy home for your family and your furry friends.

Carpet Cleaning Is IMPORTANT When You Have Pets


Dogs and cats can often track in mud, dirt, and other contaminants that have a giant effect on the air quality of your home. These things also contribute to things like allergiesstomach illnessskin infections, and asthma attacks. We’ll keep these easy-to-complete tips short and sweet.

Our Top Tips for Cleaning Your Home With Indoor Pets


1 – Add Some Doormats. Placing doormats inside and outside your home can help diminish the amount of water, dirt, and mud from your pet’s paws that gets spread throughout your home.


2 – Regular Grooming Goes a Long Way. Brushing their coat once a week can minimize the spread of allergens and shed hair throughout your home. In addition, bathing your pet often keeps their coat shiny, and their odor pleasant! Using pet shampoo isn’t always necessary, but it should be used periodically. Also, pet pedicures can also help prevent scratching and other damage to your furniture and wood floors.


3 – Clean Their Belongings. Pet beds, toys and even leads pick up that strong dog odor and should all be cleaned routinely. This may seem small, but small adjustments can make a world of difference!


4 – Contain the Messes that They ALWAYS Make. One hot spot that is nearly always messy in a pet owner’s home is their “feeding ground.” Between bits of kibble and trickled water, this spot gets dirty very quickly. Placing a rubber boot tray under the food and water dishes is a great way to catch some of the mess and allows for easy clean-up.


5 – Pet Proof Furniture. If you don’t mind having your pet on the couch or recliner with you but still want to keep it clean, this tip is for you! For more durable easy to clean furniture, look for top-grain, semi-aniline leathers. Leather is an investment that does need proper cleaning and care, as well.

If you prefer fabric, look for microfiber, microsuede, or other tightly woven fabrics. A more budget-friendly solution is placing machine-washable covers over the furniture they usually like to camp out on.


6 – Don’t Delay Cleaning Up After Your Pets. When your pet has an accident, delaying cleaning it is a mistake. The quicker you act, the less damage the mess will cause. Treat pet stains immediately to avoid urine and other byproducts from diving deep into your carpet padding where it’s nearly impossible to remove. Palmetto Chem-Dry also offers a Pet Urine Removal Treatment that works wonders!


7 – Call Palmetto Chem-Dry! Vacuuming and spot cleaning are a great way to keep a clean home. The tips listed above are a smart place to start as well! However, the EPA recommends that a home filled with children and pets should have the carpets cleaned professionally every 4 to 6 months! We service all of Charleston, North Charleston, Summerville, Myrtle Beach & Mount Pleasant, SC.

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