At Palmetto Chem-Dry, making your home a clean, healthy environment for your family is our biggest priority. By removing allergens, bacteria, and other toxins, we make your home more comfortable to you and visitors, and a safe place to live. We want you to be both happy and healthy.

Beyond that, we realize that it isn’t just the inside environment of your home that is important. We recognize our responsibility to care for Earth’s environment as well. For this reason, Chem-Dry works hard to ensure that our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning processes and products are safe for your family and the environment. By using a natural, non-toxic cleaner, and water-conserving methods, Chem-Dry is putting in every effort be green.


To prove to customers that our services and products aren’t just hollow claims environmentally safe, we adhere to the rigorous standards set to qualify for green certification. In addition to The Natural™, we use several other Green-Certified products in our cleaning processes. From our stain removers and carpet deodorizers to our proprietary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) liquid, each is designed with you and the earth in mind. We take our responsibility to take care of our planet quite seriously and are willing to do what it takes to fulfill our duty.

The Natural™ Keeps Things Environmentally Friendly

We use our proprietary, non-toxic, natural carpet cleaning solution, The Natural™ in most of our cleaning services. The Natural™ is a mixture of completely natural ingredients, containing no soaps, solvents, detergents, or enzymes that could contaminate the ecosystems of water, plants, and wildlife around your home.

Instead of harsh chemicals, The Natural™ relies on the power of carbonation. Yeah, we use the same bubbles found in a soft drink, to great effect as well. During our hot carbonation extraction (HCE) process, The Natural™ releases millions of tiny bubbles into your carpet, that break up dirt particles which cling to carpet fibers. Then, we use our specialized machines to extract the solution, dirt, and every other contaminant we can, from deep inside your carpet. This leaves you with a fresh, clean room without the presence of dangerous chemicals or soapy residues. Each ingredient in The Natural™ can be found on the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list, so you know it’s safe for your family and the environment.

Less Water Means Less Waste

Traditional steam cleaning pumps gallons upon gallons of water into your carpet at high pressures in an attempt to loosen the dirt particles. This actually can end up pushing the dirt deeper into the carpet, and it wastes a massive amount of water (which is an extremely precious resource that should be conserved).

Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process, on the other hand, uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning does. Instead of sticking with outdated and less effective techniques like steam cleaning, try the carbonated bubbles of The Natural™  which gently and effectively remove dirt and allergens from your carpets and furniture. The end result is a cleaner carpet with less wasted water and a much faster drying time.