3 best carpet types for kid and pets palmetto chem-dry

Kids and pets are the best. But let’s face it..they are NOT the best on our carpets. The normal wear and tear becomes significantly higher when we have those creatures (furry and not) running around. The good news is you CAN minimize damage and even prevent it altogether. Color, brand, and style are all included in the carpet decision making process, but the most important decision is choosing a resistant, durable carpet that will keep its quality for years–regardless of kids and pets.

Whether it’s the mud your dog tracked in or paint from your toddlers creativity streak, we recommend three carpet types that will maintain quality the best.

Choose Synthetic Fiber Carpet

As you begin the carpet hunt you will realize quickly how many options are out there. You can narrow down those options quickly by opting for a synthetic (instead of ‘natural’) fiber carpet. You want your carpet to handle your family. Nylon, used in synthetic carpet, is highly resistant. For families with pets, toddlers, babies, or teens running, spilling, and stomping regularly, Nylon is a great choice. Synthetic fiber carpets hold their shape well and are very sturdy, especially in comparison with a Berber carpet style which snags often. Although Nylon is known for a slightly higher price tag, it will hold up under the test of high traffic, while maintaining its color.

Polyester is a Great Choice

Stain resistant is the best when you have messy toddlers and pets running around. Polyester carpet is soft AND stain resistant. If you do not want to sacrifice quality, polyester works very well for families who are looking for softness.

Color Decision – Medium Shade

Experts agree that staying clear of dark or light carpets will keep them looking brand new. Medium shades  of carpets will minimize the struggle of keeping your home looking nice.

Carpet Protection

You did it! You found the perfect carpet type and color for your family. Now is the critical part–protect your carpet! You have done the work and invested in a beautiful carpet for your home. Professional carpet cleaning should occur every 6-12 months. So your carpet stays durable, look for the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Platinum Seal of Approval on companies websites. Palmetto Chem-Dry is proud to have received that seal with our trusted hot water extraction cleaning method. To deliver a deeper and longer-lasting clean that dries in 1-2 hours instead of days call (843) 819-5050.

For pet urine and stain removal, Palmetto Chem-Dry uses a special Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) that completely eliminates the stain and odor down to the deepest carpet fibers. For questions or to schedule an appointment give us a call.

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