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December is here and Holiday parties are scheduled! You are probably busy shopping, decorating, and making cookies, but don’t forget that area rug cleaning is the perfect way to prepare your home for guests.

Why Your Area Rugs Should Be Cleaned In December

Restore The Beauty Of Your Area Rugs 

Area rugs can bring vibrant color, or the perfect style to a room. Most beautiful area rugs are considered a small financial investment, that is definitely worth it. 

Unfortunately, overtime, rugs will become dirty and matted down; this is especially true in high traffic areas. Palmetto Chem-Dry can gently but powerfully lift stains and dirt from your areas rugs. Restore the beautiful and bright colors to make your rugs that look like new again just in time for holiday parties.

Healthier Environment For Your Family And Guests

The dirt, bacteria, allergens, pet urine, and odors that your area rugs collect can be unhealthy for your family to inhale as they walk, sit, or lounge. 

Palmetto Chem-Dry removes 98% of bacteria from area rugs and 89% of airborne bacteria—improving indoor air quality. Taking advantage of our professional service creates a safer, healthier environment for your family and holiday guests. 

Prevent Future Area Rug Stains

You may think, well cleaning them after I have heavy foot traffic makes more sense. I should wait until after the holiday parties to professionally clean my area rug. However, there is a a strong benefit with cleaning your area rugs before the holiday bustle arrives. 

Palmetto Chem-Dry uses a Chem-Dry Protectant that can increase your area rugs resiliency. Your beautiful rug investment will be fortified against foot traffic, soiling, and spills. In addition, our safe, non-toxic cleaning solution The Natural® removes the dirt attracting residue, so your rugs will say cleaner longer.

You may be tempted to wait until after the holiday foot traffic to have your area rugs cleaned, but there’s actually a key benefit to cleaning them beforehand. 

Professional Area Rug Cleaning In Charleston, SC

Make your party house prep a breeze by having Palmetto Chem-Dry take care of the area rug cleaning! Your rugs will look bright and new again, and your home will be prepped and healthy for your holiday guests.

For a limited time, take 25% off your area rug cleaning service with Palmetto Chem-Dry!

Palmetto Chem-Dry will make your rugs look bright and new again

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